STCP Research, Restoration & Recovery Services


The Society of Tympanuchus Cupido Pinnatus, Ltd. (STCP) works with our Research Consultant, STCP Research Fellows and partners to conduct traditional on the ground field research to help better understand and assess the needs of prairie grouse in various situations in different habitats.

Although ongoing studies with stable populations provide benchmark data

for control purposes, much of our research is geared towards identifying and solving problems with threatened and endangered populations of prairie

grouse in order to prevent these populations from becoming endangered

or fading into extinction.

Some of the services STCP can provide independently and with partners

include the following:

• Consulting

• Evaluations

  1. Censusing

• Field Training

• Habitat assessment

• Disease survey

• Genetics

  1. Translocations

  1. Publications

  1. New Grouse Books

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